Misunderstandings about autism (developmental disability)

If you search the internet for autism, you will find various pieces of  information – some websites including homepages of medical institutions define autism as a form of “mental illness”

So,the first thing I want to say  is that – AUTISM is not a mental illness. It is in fact, very sad that there are medical professionals who recognize it as such.

If this continues, the correct knowledge about autism  as a form of developmental disability may not be disseminated forever.

As a result, those who have been diagnosed with this developmental disorder including their families and friends will suffer endlessly and will be constantly misunderstood.

Misunderstandings about autism (developmental disability)

Autism (developmental disability) is a disorder that is difficult to judge by appearance alone.

However, because there is no known single cause of autism, various researches  and studies proposed the  following:


“Wrong parenting method”

“Lack of love”

“Poor eating habits during pregnancy”

The list could go on.

And because of this,  many people continue to misunderstand autism.

Let me share you one story that I couldn’t forget:


My son’s friend who was suffering from autism got on a day service shuttle car. 

An elementary school student from the neighborhood who saw it said something like..

“Isn’t that child the one with a family problem?”

Family problem? What does it mean to have a family problem?

Perhaps what he wanted to say was that my son’s friend appeared like that because he was “badly raised” or  born from a “single parent”.


Where did he get those ideas? From adults around him giving him false knowledge? From the internet posting wrong information? Irresponsible media articles?

Truth is, the  cause of autism (developmental disability) is neither discipline nor food. To set things straight –

  • Autism (developmental disorder) is a congenital brain dysfunction;
  • Autism is not a mental illness;
  • Autism is not due to lack of discipline or love;
  • Autistics have different characteristics of autism;
  • Autistics needs a personalized support;
  • Autism does not go away. However, it is possible to adapt to the environment and aim for a more independent life through medical treatment and training;
  • There is currently no silver bullet to cure autism.

I want you all to have the right knowledge about autism.

My son’s smile is so cute and I love him dearly.


Each person has different characteristics of autism (developmental disability)

When I felt that my son was suspected to be autistic, I searched a lot of information online….

About the symptoms of autism… I searched on the net like crazy.

There were a lot of information about autism on the net and in books.

Were all of those information correct ?

Sure there’s  a checklist for autism, but not all fit its characteristics.

On the contrary, even a person that’s not autistic  may have such characteristics.

Also, the methods described in books and online may not work for all people with autism.


What we need is an individualized and personalized approach –

There are many types of trainings, some of which suits well and some of which don’t.

It is important and key to find the training that will perfectly match our needs.

Why? because of the sad fact that  there are a lot of  misunderstandings about autism out there…..

“No smile”

“Expressionless” etc.

That’s absolutely not true.

My son laughs,has a lot of expressions  and shows various  emotions.


There are many misconceptions about autism (developmental disability) here  in Japan. And we are hoping that the correct  information and knowledge about autism (developmental disability) would be disseminated moving forward.

Thank you for reading this blog.